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Enterprise Collaboration Services

Unified Communications

Defense Collaboration Services (DCS)

In 2013, iCES Corporation proposed an open source solution for DoD conference and chat capabilities.  Defense Collaboration Services (DCS) is now a reality for approximately 4 million DoD users.  


iCES Corporation developed DCS, hardened it for military and classified work, and then implemented and accredited it in Defense Enterprise Computing Centers (DECC). DCS provides web-based video and audio conference capability that includes desktop sharing, whiteboard, chat, and record/playback. 


All DCS capabilities are integrated into the DoD’s existing identity and access management (IdAM) capabilities, which includes PKI-based smart card authentication capabilities, and automatic account creation and management.


This improved capability also saved the DoD 80% of their previous costs for conference and chat services. DoD’s ongoing costs will remain low because they will be based on actual capacity and software maintenance costs, not on expensive software licenses or other expenses (see related article by  C4ISR & Networks). (see DCS article in DoD News)

Enterprise Collaboration Services (ECS)


ECS offers a cost effective web-conference capability, that is now available to government, military and commercial customers

ECS is availble on Desktop and Mobile devices to include IOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry


  • Service may be distributed over multiple locations to meet customer needs

  • Can support more than 10,000 concurrent users

Integrated Identity and Access Management

  • Integrates with existing identity and access management (IdAM) capabilities 

  • Can integrate with customer’s email and calendar systems

  • Provides seamless authentication, authorization, and user experiences

Secure and Accredited

  • Hardened for government, military, and commercial use

  • Accredited for Classified and Official Use

  • Can integrate with customer public key infrastructure (PKI), smart card and derived credentials, and related systems

Cost Effective

  • Customers can realize 80% savings over similar systems

  • Open source software wrapped in code to address security, scalability, and resiliency

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