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Cloud & Mobile Computing & Communications

Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing technology is transforming the way organizations invest and deploy IT infrastructure.

We have already seen the impact of technology on shaving substantial time and costs in deployment and the ability to adapt to business and operation demands.  iCES has been providing consultation in strategic alignment and architecture of cloud computing adaptation into DoD and  is working with product vendors and cloud service providers to develop the proper architecture for DoD. We have worked with DISA to develop cloud strategy for DoD and currently working with DISA & DoD CIO to help transition Data Centers from stove pipes to a cloud like architecture with virtualization, distributed OS/FS and capacity on demand services.

iCES is also working with DISA and DoD on security architecture for the cloud and for mobile devices accessing the cloud.


Telecommunications and Wireless


iCES Corporation's staff have been leaders in the telecommunications and wireless engineering space. Our engineers hold patents in DSL, IP and Wireless technologies. Our team designed, piloted and tested Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS)/ Local Multipoint Distribution Service Wireless (LMDS) networks and Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) for service providers and product vendors. In addition we designed, developed, deployed and operated Commercial WiFi based networks for service providers.

iCES participated in the WiMAX and OFDM protocol standards as well as working with the ISO and IEEE standard bodies for LTE and 4G wireless technologies.

Mobile Computing


Mobile Computing and Communications are rapidly becoming the way for the enterprise to do business. The DoD like any other large enterprise is moving rapidly in that direction. iCES is supporting the DoD in a number of mobility intiatives including applications development for mobile devices such as Android and Windows 8 Metro, developing secure public network architecture and applications to allow DoD users to use these devices for classified data and voice access, and lastly enabling these devices to support Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for the DoD users.    

Software Engineering and Software Development


iCES Corporation provides systems and software engineering support to DISA in its efforts to develop strategic plans for meeting SSE objectives, including integrating software engineering processes as part of the systems process, ensuring that the systems and software processes are in line with industry best practices and with USD/AT&L directions and guidance. The iCES team members reviewed the current Systems Engineering Process and integrated Software Engineering and SOA software processes into it. The new consolidated process provides an Integrated System and Software Architecture and Engineering approach that is used as a guide for DISA.

The team coordinated this effort with the DoD Acquisition, Technology & Logistics (AT&L) SSE Center and other standard organizations such as IEEE to ensure compliance with the Defense Acquisition Guide and industry best practices. The iCES team worked with academia to provide DISA with a graduate level certificate in systems and software engineering. The iCES lead engineer is also working with SIT, IEEE, INCOSE, and OSD to develop the systems engineering body of knowledge that will eventually be adopted by DoD and DISA.


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